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Balas Textile is based on the creation, innovation, design and production of technical fabrics in the fields of fashion, sport and personal protection. It is the association of 3 French industrialists, generating more than 250 direct and indirect jobs in Rhône-Alpes.


Our teams are in direct contact with mainly European but also international spinning mills, in order to select and develop the best supplies while guaranteeing traceability, regularity and environmental ethics.


We also participate in the development of new blends that can bring new performance and functionality to our fabrics. It is a job that necessarily includes a relationship and long-term partnerships with our suppliers. Our yarns are mostly labeled Oekotex standard 100. We are constantly improving our recycled range, while remaining vigilant on thecarbon impact and transformation processes allowing respect for the environment.


This is the historical activity of BALAS TEXTILE with real know-how which is for some, mastered for over 30 years.

Our weaving workshop, based in the region, uses the latest innovations thanks to a strong investment capacity and thus allows a large production capacity.

Our machine park consists of small width (2 mts) and large width air jet looms up to 5 mts. We have a very efficient inspection and packaging system that allows us to control our quality. It is also part of a process oftechnical innovation but also respectful of the environment and societal values.


BALAS TEXTILE has almost the last double loop looms in the world. His technical knowledge in this area is extremely advanced. BALAS TEXTILE sets up its machines to obtain, through the weaves and the various settings, real mechanical performance.

It is part of a policy of machine purchase and renewal of equipment in collaboration with all of its subcontractors. Each knitter is selected for his machine park and his skills in his field of activity in order to extract the best. We are able to respond to requests on base of circular knits, run-proof and rectilinear.

Balas Textile is number one in the design of downproof fabrics that go into the manufacture of feather-based clothing. She is now a well known leader in the production of technical fabrics.

Balas Textile does not make clothes, it provides the fabric that will be used in the making. Balas textile has four main areas of activity: Downproof Fabric, Personal Protective Technical Fabric, Men's Swimwear Fabric, and Sports, Fashion, and Luxury Technical Fabric.

Balas textile has an annual weaving and knitting capacity of 20 million meters. It also has holdings or partnerships with dyeing units, a traditional infrared printing company and a company with one of the most efficient digital printing machines.

Balas Textile also has a very efficient analysis and internal control laboratory, capable of verifying all the mechanical and physical specificities of the tissues.

Member of Unitex (Union Inter-Entreprises Textile Lyon et Région), of Syndicat de la Maille and Facim (Fédération Nationale des Fabricants de Fournitures Administratives Civiles et Militaires), Balas Textile works with the most influential textile organizations in France


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