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At Balas Textile, we are specialized in the creation, innovation, design and production of French technical fabrics for the fashion, sports and personal protection industries. As a company bringing together the efforts of 3 French manufacturers, we contribute to the creation of direct and indirect jobs in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, with more than 250 jobs created.

Tissu technique Balas Textile France

We offer technical and innovative textile fabrics. For every situation, we have the solution! Discover our range of technical textiles: recycled materials, biobased, technical performance...


+ - Personal protective technical fabrics

Since 2004, Balas Textile has positioned itself on the market for first and second layer protective fabrics, in mesh in addition to weaving know-how.


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+ - Sport, fashion and luxury goods technical fabrics

Balas Textile is a major player in the sports, fashion and luxury sectors looking for innovation and technologies from other fields of activity.

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+ - Swimwear technical fabrics

Balas Textile developed in the 90s a know-how and a strong positioning in the bath sector. Leader in fabrics for the high-end men's swimwear market alongside the biggest names.

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+ - Down proof technical fabrics

Balas Textile has been the European leader for several years in the market for down-resistant fabrics, mainly based on PA 6.6.

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Balas Textile tissus techniques outerwear
Balas Textile producteur de tissus techniques français

Nos mailles et tissus sont produits autour de Lyon, nous souhaitons valoriser et supporter le savoir-faire Français, en travaillant avec des entreprises de la région. Nous contribuons au développement d’entreprises Françaises et des produits fabriqués en France.

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